European Fund Picks for a Difficult 2012

9 Mar

Europe was clearly the worst performing developed region in 2011. This was caused primarily by fear over the sovereign debt crisis and a potential break-up of the Eurozone. There is a belief that these problems may well now been contained and worries over contagions into other weaker European countries could have past.

This could be good news for investors, as history shows that the worst performing regions often bounce back strongly. Although, there are many outstanding isues still to be resolved but if this is the case, there could be a strong argement to invest in Europe.

Some of the most consistent funds, in my opinion, in the sector :-

  • GAM Star Continental European Equity
  • Blackrock European Dynamic
  • Threadneedle European Select
  • Neptune European Income
  • Jupiter European
  • FF & P European All Cap Equity
  • Jupiter European Opportunities (Investment Trust)

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