I Am So Lucky

10 Mar

Just back from a leisurely dog-walk.

I have the pleasure to walk our three two or three times a day. For those that know me, yes we now have three. I guess that was my version of a mid-life crisis. I didn’t want a sports car, a super-bike or an affair; I just wanted another dog to love. So now there’s our new addition, Luna (terrier cross) but crossed with what we are still guessing.

There is just a big thank you to Dogs Trust, who found Luna in a pound, fostered and then became part of our family. Our other two are Labradors – Anwen (our old girl) and Ruby (our mad chocolate).

Dog-walks give you time to think and enjoy what you have. I am blessed with a beautiful wife, who I love and loves me; and two wonderful daughters (well some of the time) who all jokes aside are so special. I have recently had a bout of Bell’s Palsy and have been taken aback by how my girls have dealt with it and how very supporting they have been (only 8 & 11 years old). They have shown more backbone than some of the adults I know; as for Sarah (my lovely wife) and I promise I won’t gush in this article she just leaves me speechless, and for me that’s rare.

It’s amazing, I know some wonderful people both friends and others. Always, there are those that fall short but lets avoid that discussion. I have been touched by some who I expected would, some who I didn’t and those in the middle ground did the usual.

As a financial adviser, part of my role is to support others and make their lives easier – strange when I’m being the one helped but appreciated. I am very lucky, also, the clients I have are like extended family where what I do for them I would want done for me…it is amazing how true it is that what you give is what you get back.

All I can and want to say is, THANK YOU.

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