We Are All Human

4 Aug

So many of us lose sight of what is truly important.

Two lovely people I know have recently passed away. They were very dear and special to me for so many reasons. Where they reside in my heart, they will always be with me. I will and already miss them greatly but I will always honour their memory.

We will call him S (not sure if I should put people’s names and so chosen to use just their initial) – a character so large, he would argue with you and make you debate your opinions – I loved our afternoons together, his coin and stamp collections, stories, rants about the banks, the markets, driving through the hills in Italy, his working life, bags of rocket from the garden (amongst other delights) and everything – I just know he was one of a kind. We are all richer for knowing him and anyone he met he would touch their life – he did with me.

As for M, she was such a kind and sincere person – how many times did we sit and talk ? – so many subjects – such a clear thinker – her kindness will never be forgotten. She was always such a great host always tea served a certain way – I was always able to make her laugh and she me – I will miss her.


So back to my original statement – think about where your life is leading, tomorrow will be upon us sooner than you think. You have two choices – inspire and enrich others or NOT. We all have this choice. Looking inwardly – I know I am an obsessive, I constantly aspire to be better than I am – there is no perfection just the effort to be better – sometime sI lose sight of what is important. 

I believe there is much I must improve and plan to learn from those around me who inspire and at times humble me. 

I hope if you take anything from my ramblings is – we all need to think about who we are , what we are doing and should we be doing this – can we do better. I for one know the answer – yes I can do better and I will.

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