Waverley Court Consulting Newsletter July 2019

14 Aug

The Admin Team

Nathan, Melissa and Aneta provide our core to the administration service and have taken on the additional obligation as we have been short a member of staff. Nathan is specialising his focus on Investment Analysis, Melissa in early stage Paraplanner Support. This is only possible with the help, support and care provided by Aneta.


We are pleased to announce the appointment of two new members of staff, who will help with the implementation and application of our new back-office system. Implementation of changes in administration and protocols are driven by the everchanging environment of financial services and our focus to provide a personal, professional and industry leading service.


Our recruitment has taken an interesting, slight variation in path – originally the plan was to take on one additional staff member but two with great potential were interviewed. We’ve chosen to take both:


Beth Welch

We have taken on an undergraduate in June 2019. She is in the last year of her Finance and Accounting Degree, who will be working with us on a part-time basis while she completes her final year over the next two years. She will assist in an Administration Role developing understanding and skills with the aspiration of a career in financial services.


If all proceeds to our mutual plan, following her graduation she would like to move into a full time Administration/Paraplanning Role with aspirations to develop knowledge and skills to become a Financial Adviser with Waverley Court Consulting Ltd in the future.


Linh Lieu

Linh is joining us in the beginning of September 2019, in the role of Assistant Administrator/Trainee Paraplanner.


She is a graduate with a Finance and Accounting Degree and will be developing skills and knowledge to assist both, the Admin Team and Bernadette to strengthen our Research and Paraplanning Function.


Research and Paraplanning

We have taken further steps to integrate the functional components of the advice process into the role within Admin. This allows us to bring all closer together and help facilitate a team approach allowing all staff to add value to the financial services program.


In addition, we are proud to announce Bernadette has recently passed a further qualification in relation to Business Relief Schemes.


Advisory Services and Ongoing Investment Advice

Brett is effectively developing through the Competent Adviser program to his designation of Independent Financial Adviser. We expect him to will pass his Stage 1 Competent Adviser Status imminently, whereby Brett is able to provide support and specific advice directly. This will allow Brett to help facilitate his role within the advice function of the financial planning program.


The plan is as a growing practice, we will move to a system where more complex and specified situations will continue to be provided through Darren Nathan but where suitable and possible, Brett will offer the support and guidance his role facilitates.


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee reviews product development, existing contracts, contract and investment proposition due diligence review, our ongoing investment Assessment, Review and Rebalance Programme and Protocols.


The team receives professional advice through many sources, including Financial Express plus information through platforms, fund management groups, product providers, reviewing complex products (including Structured Deposits and Products).


We assess the existing programs, their success and any changes for consideration and implementation where appropriate.


The core team is Darren Nathan, Brett Harding, Nathan Oliver and Bernadette Hoyle.


Compliance Documentation

Simplification of compliance documentation for completion for ongoing advice. Prior to future meetings, when required, we will be sending you a four page document (if you could complete pages 2 & 3) and this records any changes in circumstances to ensure we fulfil our responsibilities and allows us to provide the existing and robust service.


These need to be updated at least every three years. The exception that will bring the date nearer, is a material change in personal circumstances.


Client Agreement – this document is being updated as there has been an update to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme whereby the cover for Deposits and Investments have been standardised to £85,000.



There are further additional legislative and compliance changes later in 2019. This is the Senior Management and Certification Regime. We will update you to any implications  to you once  finalised.


Any questions, please ask me to explain further. You can email, telephone or write to me or us.

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