Office: 02920 201241, Mobile: 07931 388651, Email: More About Darren Nathan – Independent Financial Adviser

I started in Financial Services back in 1994 in London, where I followed the usual route through academia and gained my BSc (Hons.) Degree. This led to roles as an Analyst and ending up in management.

In the late 1990’s, I moved to Wales and married a wonderful Welsh Woman (she is the love of my life). Our lives have been changed, enhanced and battered by our two daughters – and when times’ are right – make us so proud.

From early 2000, I specialised in Investment & Tax Planning, which has been and is my passion. This is where my key focus, development and qualifications have related to Holistic Financial Planning, Wealth Management and the resolving of tax planning issues (primarily around Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax).

In 2006 Waverley Court Consulting Ltd was formed and I became business owner. Since then, I have focussed on growing my expertise, relationships and success; admittedly not always the easiest of times but some of the most satisfying.

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